Exhibit 3.0 is a publishing framework for large-scale data-rich interactive Web pages.

Exhibit lets you easily create Web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, and other visualizations. The Exhibit 3.0 software has two separate modes: Scripted for building smaller in-browser Exhibits, and Staged for bigger server-based Exhibits.

Exhibit 3.0 Scripted

Exhibit 3.0 Scripted mode is for building smaller in-browser exhibits:

Exhibit 3.0 Staged (beta2)

Exhibit 3.0 Staged is built on Backstage:


Getting Involved

Join us on IRC on freenode or browse the SIMILE Widgets mailing list archives to ask questions about Exhibit. Chances are others may have similar questions, and the list is a great place to share answers.


The Exhibit 3 project was supported by the Library of Congress. It is a partnership among MIT Libraries, MIT CSAIL and Zepheira, including personnel from the original SIMILE project. See the Exhibit 3.0 launch press release (PDF).

Exhibit 3.0 development work proceeds from the proposed architecture (PDF) released in early 2011. See the workshop summary (PDF) that originally defined the new community requirements for Exhibit 3.0.


Exhibit 3.0: What's New?

Exhibit 3.0 is available for community input. Highlights include:

Exhibit 3.0 Scripted (client-side)

  • New HTML5 configuration language, with backward compatibility for prior configuration language
  • New localization system (no more 404's)
  • New history system (no more __history__.html)
  • Updated libraries, including jQuery
  • Removal of external or unconfigurable service dependencies within the core
  • Most core views and facets and some popular extension views implemented
  • More developer-friendly, including a new event-driven API, basic tests, and documentation
  • Persistence: Pick up where you left off browsing an Exhibit
  • Bookmarks: Share exactly what you see with others

Exhibit 3.0 Staged Beta 2(client/server):

  • Scalability: Browse hundreds of thousands of records
  • Persistence: Pick up where you left off browsing an Exhibit
  • Export data in HTML + RDFa format

Community Involvement

Developers in the community are encouraged to contribute code. Review the proposed roadmap of features to see where your help is needed most.

We also encourage all members of the Exhibit community to share their ideas, suggestions, documentation, examples, and contributions in any other way you can think of!