Thesis: Creating interactive web pages using the Exhibit framework

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Quick Info

  • explain exhibit (of course)
  • document exhibit
    • take information from the newsgroups, david huynh's papers and the source code
    • extend this wiki
  • show use-cases of exhibit
    • default use-case: json and html using copy paste and hand-written customizations (
    • dynamic json generation on top of plone cms (
    • dynamic json generation driven by java servlet technologies (


This thesis focuses on the open source JavaScript framework, Exhibit. Since 2006, it allows users to create data-centric interactive websites, so called exhibits. Minimal setup efforts quickly lead to a visual appealing results powered by AJAX features like live filtering, sorting and grouping. When creating an exhibit, the user also can choose between various data formats like spreadsheets, TSV or RDF/XML.

In “Creating interactive web pages using the Exhibit framework”, the reader will learn what Exhibit is, how it works and how to create a first exhibit. The thesis also aims to list and extend technical documentation, available on Exhibit. This is realized by providing a complete listing of existing documentation resources and by using Exhibit itself to demonstrate, how documentation available on Exhibit can be extended. Afterwards, the demonstration of two real-world use cases shows, that Exhibit also fits into database-driven, three-tier web applications.

Users of Exhibit without any programming skills may learn about the basic concepts in a learning-by-doing process accompanied by source code examples and their explanation. Developers familiar with web design technologies find a technical documentation reference and additional examples of using Exhibit in diverse environments.

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