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No one likes writing documentation, right? Especially open source developers. It seems the only time documentation is done is when you're paying big bucks to a commercial company who actually pay their employees to write it! Even then you still can't trust what you're reading applies to the exact software you're using. For open source geeks, if you can't find the answer through email or a forum, well then, you're on your own.

Just like every other open source project, we're going to do our best to document what we can about Simile widgets. It's a slow and tedious process but I think we all agree that even a small amount of accurate documentation is better than none at all. Having good documentation is critical for growth of the project. Having no or poor documentation can actually put a drain on your community. If the number of basic questions becomes too large, the core groups of members can easily be distracted from the developing, patching, and advancing the project.

The first step is to identify all of the known information and condensing it (removing duplication) as much as possible. Focusing on one or two places for people to read (and write) documentation is probably a good thing.


Based on Reorganization_of_the_Simile_Widgets sites, the following should be done:

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