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One thing that should be addressed on this page is how long older versions will persist. In Feb 2010, I switched to Exhibit version 2.1.0. Today, 2.1.0 is suddenly missing and only 2.2.0 is available on both the site and in I was delighted that versioning was introduced, hoping that this would eliminate updates that would unexpectedly break active exhibits.

But I don't see any announcements in the google groups or on the that exhibit 2.2.0 was released, or any mention that 2.1.0 was being removed, so 2.1.0 disappearing is pretty surprising.

Anyway, expectations should be set about how long older versions will remain available to link to one the server once new versions are available AND how new versions are announced .... My opinion is that older versions should not be removed -- although it might be worth considering adding a "deprecated" alert that the javascript could display. That's loads better than having exhibits suddenly stop working in a silent fashion.

thanks! Heather

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