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Timeplot has been designed with the idea that it should be an extremely flexible widget to visualize and interact with time series plots, but also that it should be immediate to use and be useful even without learning all the various configurations.

Timeplot Internal Structure

Timeplot is designed around the concept of layered plots. These could be data plots or event plots. This picture shows the idea:

Timeplot design.png

Timeplot Grids

Moreover, each plot needs two geometries that take care of mapping the time and value coordinates to the screen coordinates. These geometries are responsible to make the data 'fit' in the element (normally a div) that Timeplot gets associated with.

Such geometries can also be shared across plot layers and across different timeplots, for example as to draw two plots (layered on top of each other, or displayed side by side in different timeplot elements) with the same scale. Geometries are also responsible to draw the value and time grids. This picture shows the details:

Timeplot design2.png

Although it's possible to overlay different plots using different time geometries, this is not what a viewer expects. Multi-layered timeplots should be configured to share the same time geometry -- only one time grid will be drawn and that time scale is shared across all layers.

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