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MediaWiki Editing Basics

The fundamentals of using MediaWiki can be found over at the MediaWiki site:

MediaWiki Tips and Tricks

Find all external links

You can search for external links matching a certain protocol with Special:LinkSearch. There doesn't seem an easy way to get at all of them at once, but you can use *.com, *.org and the like to return all links for a given TLD.

Add TODO notes to pages

You can add a TODO reminder to any page using HTML comment syntax (<!-- -->). These are largely invisible to end-users but will show up in search, which makes them an excellent way to leave reminders for yourself and others of work that needs to be done on particular pages.

<!-- TODO your text here -->

Assign a category to a page

To add a category (e.g. Facets) to a given page, add the following anywhere on the page (at end is best):


Redirect one page to another

To redirect an existing page to another page, use the following syntax as the first line of the page to be redirected:

#REDIRECT[[Page to redirect to]]

Add a code span or block

For a code fenced paragraph that respects indentation, use a space (" ") followed by <nowiki> tags:

 <nowiki><div ex:role="facet" 

Which renders as:

<div ex:role="facet" 

=+= Transclude one page inside another ==+

Use {{Exhibit3}} to 'insert' or transclude the content of one page inside of another. Items in the main namespace must use a leading colon, e.g. {{:Exhibit3}}. See Transclusion on MediaWiki site for more details.

Transclude category listings

In addition to MediaWiki, this wiki also uses Semantic MediaWiki, which (per Stack Overflow) allows you to do clever stuff like insert links to all pages in a given category as a bulleted list, like so:

{{#ask:[[Category: Facets]]

This yields:

Style guide

Preferred usage and formatting of terms used throughout this wiki. See also Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

SIMILE Widgets
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