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By adding an exhibit-collection to the page a selection based on the type of an item can be performed. It can be put right after the body tag for example.

This allows you to restrict to just the item type(s?) you want to display on your exhibit view. For example if you have both President and Event types in your json file, you can restrict your Tabular view (or any other view) to just the President item types using the code below.

  <div ex:role="exhibit-collection" ex:itemTypes="President"></div>

For Multiple collections being presented

You need to give different collections different IDs:

   <div ex:role="collection" id="typeA-things" ex:itemTypes="typeA"></div>
   <div ex:role="collection" id="typeB-things" ex:itemTypes="typeB"></div>

and then link up the views and facets to the right collections

   <div ex:role="view" ex:viewClass="Timeline" ex:collectionID="typeA-things" ...></div>
   <div ex:role="view" ex:viewClass="Map" ex:collectionID="typeB-things" ...></div>

Facets can be linked the same way.

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