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Here are some examples and demos showing Exhibit 3.0 Staged mode, with vast data sets of many thousands of items.

Exhibit Name: Encyclopedia of Life

URL: http://databench.zepheira.com/eol/

Source: www.eol.org

Size of Data Set:

  1. Number of items = ~130k
  2. Number of triples = ~1.5m
  3. Number of facet values = ~7500 in one facet

Special Notes: Facets for sorting, lens showing name, citation, and image

Exhibit Name: LOC Prints and Photographs

URL: http://databench.zepheira.com/loc-prints/

Publisher: The Library of Congress

Size of Data Set: Over 39,000 items

Exhibit features used: Facets to sort by year and medium

Exhibit Name: Sweden Europeana

URL: http://databench.zepheira.com/sweden/

Size of Data Set: Over 97,000 items

Special Notes: Facets for sorting items; Lens shows each item's creator and year created.

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