What's New in Exhibit 3.0

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What's New in Exhibit 3.0?

Exhibit 3.0 offers a powerful, easy-to-use publishing framework for building large-scale, data-rich, interactive web pages.

Building on the success of Exhibit 2, the new version offers two modes:

  1. Exhibit 3.0 Scripted (rc1) for smaller in-browser data sets
  2. Exhibit 3.0 Staged (beta) built on Backstage, for much bigger server-based data sets

Highlights of the New Release

Exhibit 3.0 Scripted (rc1):

  • Browse thousands of items
  • New HTML5 configuration language, with backwards compatibility for prior configuration language
  • New localization system (no more 404's)
  • New history system (no more __history__.html)
  • Updated libraries, including jQuery
  • Removal of external or unconfigurable service dependencies within the core
  • Implements most core views and facets and some popular extension views
  • More developer friendly, including a new event-driven API, basic tests, and documentation
  • Persistence: Pick up where you left off browsing an Exhibit
  • Bookmarks: Share exactly what you see with others

Exhibit 3.0 Staged (beta2):

  • Scalability: Browse hundreds of thousands of items
  • Persistence: Pick up where you left off browsing an Exhibit
  • Export data in HTML + RDFa format
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