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Welcome to the SIMILE Widgets Wiki!

SIMILE Widgets are free, open-source, powerful and easy-to-use data visualisation widgets for the web. If you're looking to quickly and easily build a site to display and play around with data, SIMILE Widgets could be for you.

SIMILE Widgets runs MediaWiki 1.18.2. As of 2018-12-13, there are 134 pages, 2,796 edits and 0 recently active users. More statistics…

Current Widgets

The following SIMILE Widgets are the most widely used, actively supported and comprehensively documented.

Exhibit (71 pages)

Exhibit enables web site authors to create dynamic exhibits of their collections without resorting to complex database and server-side technologies. The collections can be searched and browsed using faceted browsing. Assorted views are provided including tiles, maps, etc. More…

Timeline (28 pages)


Timeline allows web site creators to embed interactive timelines into their sites. It requires only that visitors have Javascript enabled. It's often referred to as "Google Maps" for time. More…

Older Widgets (deprecated)

The following SIMILE Widgets are not generally in active use or development, and are documented primarily for archival rather than practical purposes.

Babel (1 pages)


Babel lets you convert between various data formats, in particular letting you easily convert data into the Exhibit JSON format and preview the data inside of Exhibit. More…

Citeline (1 pages)

Citeline logo.png

Citeline facilitates the sharing and publication of web-based bibliographies and citation collections as interactive exhibits. More…

Painter (1 pages)


Painter creates map markers and other images for various SIMILE Widgets. More…

Runway (2 pages)


Runway is a Flash-based visualisation to display images in an interactive carousel format similar to iTunes's Cover Flow. More…

Timegrid (4 pages)

Timegrid is a client-side JavaScript framework that takes event data in various format (iCal, XML, etc.) and renders it out to a number of different, configurable, dynamic views. More…

Timeplot (5 pages)

Timeplot logo.png

Timeplot allows web site authors to embed interactive time series plots into their sites and overlay Timeline event files atop them. More…


SIMILE Widgets is the open-source "spin-off" of a range of software developed through MIT's SIMILE Project (Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments), originally sponsored in part by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. SIMILE Widgets is maintained and developed by members of the open-source community. Special thanks to the original SIMILE Project team and contributors.

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