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What does SIMILE stand for?

Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments

What is MIT's involvement?

MIT itself is a heavy user or these tools, but this project is independent. This independence does not mean that folks associated with MIT won't participate. In fact participation by such folks is quite likely. Nothing concrete is planned at this stage.

Is this code repository a fork?

No. This is the main branch. In fact code repository for this project is frozen. No further commits will enter the repository for these projects. All new development from today onward will be performed on the Google Code repository.

How do I stay informed of what's happening?

Join the mailing lists!

Do I need to listen in on the lists?

Only if you're interested in the code bases that continue to reside there. In fact, we would also suggest that people subscribed to SIMILE's mail lists that are only interested in these tools, unsubscribe from the simile lists and resubscribe here.

To unsubscribe, see

Wait! Isn't the Javascript code being served up from!

Yes, and that will continue. At least through 2008, and possibly longer.

MIT is going to continue hosting both and for a while, so there is no need to change anything if you depend on any of such file served from those URL spaces.


What can I do with this code? What's its license?

BSD - an OSI-approved license. This is the same license originally used when the code was born back in the Simile project at MIT.

What is your governance model?

Committers rule.

The initial committers were seed for the development community that grew up around the original MIT project. Most of these folks have or are moving into new roles.

The community will follow a standard 'meritocracy' approach, where people earn commit rights by participating in the community and providing patches... neither MIT nor the future phases of the SIMILE project will not have anything to do with this process as this new project will be considered completely independent.

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