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After many years, multiple major version releases and several different homes, the SIMILE Widgets documentation is in a slightly dilapidated state. The widgets themselves – most notably Exhibit – are still under active development, and are among the simplest, most powerful software with which to present data on the web. It's my hope that a concerted effort to bring the documentation (chiefly this wiki) up to the standard of the software may lead to greater interest, more widespread adoption, and ultimately the continued development and support of these tools.


Who am I

My name's Tully Hansen, and I'm an Exhibit user with a background in literature and creative writing (and an abiding interest in Twitter bots). In Exhibit I found a system simple enough to wrap my Web 1.0 brain around (I can juggle HTML and CSS, a little), and powerful enough to get up and running with a filter-able, query-able Google-Sheets-powered data-driven webpage in just a short time. However, finessing Exhibit's finer points required a great deal of Googling and bouncing around between various (and often conflicting) resources. Seeing as this wiki resides at the 'official' home of SIMILE Widgets, I figure this ought (as far as possible) to be a one-stop shop for answers on Exhibit, Timeline and the other SIMILE Widgets. So that's what I'm trying to do

How to help

Due to earlier issues with spam signups, the SIMILE Widgets wiki does not allow either anonymous edits or new user signups. However, accounts are available on request for those interested in contributing to the project – I know because that's how I got one. Commencing 2015-11-01 I've started with basic wiki housekeeping – tidying up loose ends, making better use of MediaWiki's built-in features such as Categories, Redirects and Transclusions and pruning dead or outdated links. Beyond this, there is work to be done in rewriting much of the documentation to bring it up-to-date with the current code base. A rough roadmap can be found at the foot of this page; this is a work in progress and subject to change. There are also annotated <!-- TODO --> comments sprinkled liberally throughout the pages of the wiki, serving as placeholders or reminders of work that needs to be done or content that needs to be written – these will not show up on the pages themselves, but can be searched for.

How to get in touch

The best place to get help with or otherwise discuss SIMILE Widgets remains the Google Groups mailing list. Alternatively, feel free to contact me directly with questions or feedback on the wiki itself. If you have any requests or suggestions for making this wiki flourish, please get in touch!

Roadmap (2015-11-03)

  • Categorise uncategorised pages done 2015-11-03
  • Create category taxonomy
  • Create links to orphaned pages
  • Figure out why syntax highlighting not working (see Code_syntax_highlighting_examples)
  • Figure out best way to distinguish between Exhibit 2 and 3 reference?
  • Check for and fix broken outgoing links
  • Transclude content into relevant category pages, rather than duplicating/superceding
  • Add style guide (for things like Simile Widgets) and enforce throughout
  • Delete links in the format <div class="wiki-path" id="exhibit-wiki-path" style="float: right;">[[Reference_Documentation_for_Exhibit|Exhibit Reference Home »]]</div> from pages
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