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After many years, multiple major version releases and several different homes, the SIMILE Widgets documentation is in a dilapidated state. The SIMILE Widgets themselves – most notably Exhibit – are still under active development, and are still among the simplest, most powerful tools with which to present data on the web. It is my hope that a concerted effort to bring the documentation (chiefly this wiki) up to the standard of the software may lead to a greater interest in these widgets, more widespread adoption, and ultimately see to their continued support and development.

Who am I

My name is Tully Hansen, and I'm an Exhibit user (with a background more in literature than in programming) who found

How to help

The wiki is does not allow for anonymous edits due to spam, and is currently closed to new users. However, accounts are available on request for those genuinely interested in contributing to the project

How to get in touch

The best place to get help with or otherwise discuss SIMILE Widgets remains the Google Groups mailing list. Alternatively, feel free to contact me directly with questions or feedback on the wiki itself.


User:Tullyhansen Tully.

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