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Installing and Setting Up Exhibit 3.0

This section includes directions on installing and setting up Exhibit 3.0 for both Scripted and Staged modes.

Exhibit 3.0 Scripted: Installation and Setup

Exhibit Authors or Content Publishers: You do not need to install anything. Simply include the scripts hosted at in your page:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Installing Exhibit 3.0 Scripted

See the Exhibit project pages on GitHub for up-to-date installation instructions:

Installing Exhibit 3.0 Staged

Exhibit 3.0 Staged runs on the Backstage server. Working with Backstage is not as simple as working with Exhibit Scripted. In addition to HTML and publishing Web pages, Backstage is Java software that acts as a server.

See the Backstage wiki pages on GitHub for up-to-date installation instructions:

Note: If you're not familiar with Java development, this may not be the project for you to start that learning curve. If you're a content publisher and want to run the server, consider getting some help from a developer to set up the server software, or locate a hosting service to install and manage your exhibits.

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