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The Simile Project uses the Subversion version control system (a.k.a. SVN). SVN is the evolution of CVS written by the some of the original CVS authors and some of the authors of the Apache HTTPD web server.

Subversion Clients

Plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE:

How to access the Simile Repository

After you have installed the SVN client on your machine, you need to create a local copy of the repositories. To do this type:

 svn checkout simile-widgets-read-only

Note that the repository uses the trunk/branches/tags layout, so if you checkout the root of the repository you end up with several copies of the same things, just in different versions.

Working on a complete repository or on just partial checkouts makes no difference since SVN stores metadata in a .svn directory alongside with the data (this replaces the CVS folders).

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