How to set the root collection of items in Exhibit

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How to set the root collection of items

If you load Exhibit with items of several types (e.g., Person and Company) and you only want your exhibit to show items of one type (Person), you can set the root collection of the browse engine as follows in HTML:

   <div ex:role="collection" ex:itemTypes="Person"></div>

For Multiple collections being presented

You need to give different collections different IDs:

   <div ex:role="collection" id="typeA-things" ex:itemTypes="typeA"></div>
   <div ex:role="collection" id="typeB-things" ex:itemTypes="typeB"></div>

and then link up the views and facets to the right collections

   <div ex:role="view" ex:viewClass="Timeline" ex:collectionID="typeA-things" ...></div>
   <div ex:role="view" ex:viewClass="Map" ex:collectionID="typeB-things" ...></div>

Facets can be linked the same way.

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