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*'''[[Install|Installing and Setting Up Exhibit 3.0]]'''
*'''[[Install|Installing and Setting Up Exhibit 3.0]]'''
*'''Getting Started with Exhibit 3.0'''
*'''[[Getting Started|Getting Started with Exhibit 3.0]]'''
*'''Your Exhibit Data'''
*'''Your Exhibit Data'''

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Exhibit 3.0 Documentation Wiki

Welcome to the Exhibit 3.0 documentation. New content and examples are always welcome.

  • What's New in Exhibit 3.0
    • Highlights of the New Release
    • Comparing Scripted and Staged Modes
    • Feature Map: Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3.0
  • Your Exhibit Data
  • Authoring
  • Views, Lenses, and Facets
  • FAQ
  • Demos and Examples

Developer Documentation

See the developer doc for Exhibit developers who want to customize or examine how Exhibit code works:

Exhibit 3.0 Scripted: https://github.com/zepheira/exhibit3/wiki

Exhibit 3.0 Staged: https://github.com/zepheira/backstage/wiki

Existing Exhibit 2 Content

Exhibit 3.0 relies on much of the same foundation as the existing Exhibit 2 project. See the Exhibit 2 doc wiki for many helpful resources and examples. See the list of differences between Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3.

Exhibit 3.0 Documentation Download

While we continue to add doc to this wiki, you'll find a PDF of the new user documentation here:


See the Exhibit 3.0 project page for more information.

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