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To add a thumbnail view to your exhibit, add the code

<source lang="html" lines=0>


Thumbnail view generates each item within a <div> element. This allows additional flexibility in styling items. The Nobelist exhibit is a good example of this view - each item <div> is styled to float against each other.

You can create a customized template for your Thumbnail items, by including a "lens" <div> within the Thumbnail "view" <div>. For example:

<source lang="html" lines=0>

A customized thumbnail div<p> </div> </div> </source> Settings include:

setting name type of value default choices meaning
ex:label text "Thumbnails" The title of the view, used for the navigation link.
ex:orders list of expressions .label comma separated list of one or more expressions, e.g., ".age, .job"
ex:directions list of "ascending" or "descending" ascending how to sort each of the expressions in the ex:orders setting
ex:possibleOrders list of expressions comma separated list of other expressions that the user can choose for sorting
ex:possibleDirections list of "ascending" or "descending" how each of the expressions in the ex:possibleOrders setting should be sorted when the user picks it
ex:showAll boolean true whether to show all items (or just the first few); this is forced to true if ex:grouped is true and the items can be grouped
ex:grouped boolean true whether to show items in groups if they are "equal" in the current sorting order
ex:abbreviatedCount int 10 how many items to show if ex:showAll is false

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