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To include a list facet, add to your HTML

 <div ex:role="facet" 

Replace .property with the appropriate expression for your exhibit.

Other settings supported include:

setting name type of value default choices meaning
ex:facetLabel text what to show in the header of the facet
ex:height text height of the facet's body, e.g., "20em", "200px"
ex:sortMode text value "value", "count" how to sort the choices in the facet
ex:sortDirection text forward "forward", "reverse" whether to reverse the sort direction
ex:showMissing text true "true", "false" whether to provide a selection for items missing the facet -- this will suppress the '(missing this field)' text
ex:selection text semicolon-separated list of default selections
ex:fixedOrder text semicolon-separated list of values specifying a fixed order for sorting the choices in the facet, e.g., "Mo;Tu;We;Th;Fr" for weekdays
ex:scroll text true "true","false" if true, facet values are in a scrollable window of fixed size. If false, all facet values are shown in as much space as needed, without a scroll bar.
ex:collapsed boolean "true","false" Collapses the facet
ex:collapsible boolean "true","false"
ex:missingLabel text
ex:colorCoder text
ex:formatter text

Note that when ex:sortMode="count", the facet lists highest counts at the top. But with ex:sortMode="value" the lowest values are at the top. Either way, ex:sortDirection will reverse the direction.

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