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These examples are installed locally (www.simile-widgets.org) and primarily meant to demonstrate the functionality of various simile widgets.

For a listing of all types of examples, blog posts, reviews, papers, etc..., of the Simile widgets, including those "In the Wild", check out:

The Wibit Exhibit: An Exhibit of Resources for SIMILE Widget Projects



  • JFK Assassination timeline in Dutch: a minute by minute development when John F. Kennedy got shot on November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas. Timeline labels are in Dutch, as a demonstration of localization.
  • Religion Timelines: recommended to be viewed on a huge monitor, mashing the Jewish history with the Christianity timeline together to be seen side-by-side.
  • Cubism: demonstrating the use of JSON, thanks to Juan Manuel Caicedo.
  • Test Examples: demonstrates and tests various event attributes.
  • Test Examples 2: demonstrates automatic Timeline sizing to the event collection.


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