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Exhibit 3.0

Exhibit 3.0 is a powerful yet easy-to-use open source publishing framework for publishing large-scale, data-rich interactive Web pages.

Building on the success of the original Exhibit, version 3.0 lets you easily create web pages to publish and visualize data collections ranging from small personal collections in Scripted mode, up to large data sets in the server-based Staged mode.

Exhibit 3.0 Scripted (rc1): With Exhibit 3.0 Scripted mode, you can visualize data in a Web browser with a simple HTML-based configuration. No programming or server-side set up required.

Exhibit 3.0 Staged (beta2): Staged mode requires the use of server software to publish bigger data sets.

What is Exhibit 3.0?

Exhibit 3.0 lets you publish data-rich Web pages without complicated programming:

  • Free, no cost
  • Easy to use: No programming skills required
  • Open source platform: Get involved, share your expertise, write code, or add a demo
  • Scalability: Staged mode scales to hundreds of thousands of items
  • Lightweight publishing framework for building interactive web pages of linked data
  • Supports search (Scripted mode), faceted navigation, interactive displays
  • Easy to reconfigure and extend
  • Supports customized data display

Scripted Mode for Publishing Smaller Data Sets in the Browser

Exhibit 3.0 Scripted is designed for smaller data sets - for publishing rich interactive exhibits, with thousands of items, right in your Web browser.

Download + Install | User Documentation and Tutorial | Developer Documentation

Staged Mode Offers Scalability with Simplicity

Exhibit 3.0 Staged mode extends the capacity of Exhibit by combining the in-browser software with greater capacity of a server-based component. The server stores and indexes data, and handles browser queries.

Download + Install | Developer Documentation

Getting Involved in the Exhibit Community

As an open source project, Exhibit relies on code and ideas from the community. Meet other exhibit users and developers in the SIMILE Widgets mailing list archives to ask or answer questions with other Exhibit users. Chances are others may have similar questions, and the list is a great place to share answers.

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