Timeplot is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for plotting time series and overlay time-based events over them (with the same data formats that Timeline supports). Here is a live example:
New Legal Permanent Residents in the U.S. (per year) vs. U.S. Population vs. U.S. History

More Live Examples

  • Energy Prices in the U.S. since 1975: this timeplot shows how the cost of gasoline in the US is strongly correlated with oil import from foreign countries, while the cost of electricity is not as strongly correlated.
  • Housing vs. Stock Market in the U.S. since 1975: this timeplot shows the trends of growth for two of the biggest investment sectors in the U.S., housing and the stock market, in relationship with monetary inflation.
  • Immigration in the U.S. since 1820: this timeplot shows the amount of people that legally obtained permanent residency in the U.S. over almost 200 years.
  • George W. Bush Approval Ratings: this timeplot shows the sampled approval ratings of George W. Bush's job as president of the U.S. over his 2 terms until until today.
  • SIMILE Project Statistics: this series of timeplots shows the statistics of the SIMILE project collected by analyzing web server and mail server logs. This example shows how Timeplot is able to post-process the data to plot things like differences between two columns or the moving average of a time series on the fly.



Timeplot is open source software and is licensed under the BSD license.


This software was originally sponsored by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as part of the SIMILE project. Its original author is Stefano Mazzocchi. Now it is being maintained and developed by members of this open-source community.